POP MART My Little Pony Natural Series Blind Box


What's Blind Box

"BLIND BOX" is a type of sealed packaging that keeps what's inside a mystery until you open it.

If you order a "Set of 12 Boxes", you will receive a set of 12 figures in 12 different designs.

Besides "basic" figures, some figures are rarer to find, which we call "SECRET".

Note: If you buy a set and get a "secret" in the series, one "basic" figure will be replaced randomly.


Shipping & Delivery

$9.99 Standard Shipping (SF Express)

Free Shipping on orders above $99

The ponies from the magical land have arrived!

Which pony is your favourite?

Get these amazingly beautiful and adorable ponies right now!

POP MART My Little Pony Natural Series includes:

Breeze Twilight Sparkle, Ocean Wave Twilight Sparkle, Gem Pinkie Pie, Pearl Pinkie Pie,

Colourful Rainbow Dash, Lightning Rainbow Dash, Shining Rainbow Dash, Crystal Rarity,

Cherry Blossom Fluttershy, Forest Applejack, Garden Applejack, White Clouds Fluttershy

Hidden: Princess Celestia



12 Basic+1 Secret


About 7-9cm tall